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Community Guidelines

Army of the Tread Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Army of the Tread, a vibrant community dedicated to electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts and advocates of sustainable exploration. Our platform allows members to connect, share, and inspire each other in a friendly and respectful environment. These guidelines are designed to ensure our community remains a supportive and informative space for all members. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these rules to make the most out of your experience.

  1. Respect and Inclusion
  • Respectful Communication: Always interact with other members with respect and courtesy. Avoid language that could be considered offensive or harmful. Respect people’s boundaries and consent.
  • Inclusivity: We welcome members from all walks of life and encourage a culture of inclusivity and diversity. Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious beliefs, or any other characteristic is strictly prohibited.

2. Content Sharing

  • Relevance: Share content that is relevant to the EV community. This includes news, personal experiences, advice, and questions about electric vehicles, sustainability practices, and related technologies.
  • Intellectual Property: Only post content that you own or have the right to share. Respect copyright laws and attribute sources appropriately.
  • No Spam: Avoid posting spammy content, including unsolicited promotions or advertisements, repetitive messages, or irrelevant links.

3. Privacy and Safety

  • Personal Information: Do not share or solicit personal information from other members. This includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and private financial information.
  • Safety: Encourage a safe environment. Do not post or encourage the posting of dangerous, illicit, or illegal activities.

4. Moderation and Reporting

  • Community Moderation: Our moderators help keep the discussions on track and are here to assist with any issues. Please respect their guidance and decisions.
  • Reporting Violations: If you encounter content or behavior that violates our guidelines, please report it using the built-in reporting tools. This helps us maintain a healthy environment.

5. Constructive Dialogue

  • Debate: Healthy debates are encouraged, but arguments or personal attacks are not. Keep discussions constructive and avoid escalating conflicts.
  • Feedback: We welcome feedback about the community and suggestions for improvement. Please use the appropriate channels to communicate your ideas.

6. Updates to Guidelines

  • Changes and Updates: These guidelines may be updated periodically to address new issues or refine existing protocols. Members will be notified of any significant changes.

7. Consequences

  • Enforcement: Violations of these guidelines may result in a warning, suspension of certain privileges, or even permanent removal from the community depending on the severity of the breach.
  • Accountability: Members are responsible for their actions and the content they post. Being unaware of the guidelines is not an acceptable defense for violating them.

We are excited to have you as part of the Army of the Tread community. By following these guidelines and participating actively, you contribute to a positive and enriching environment for all members. Let’s work together to drive forward the future of electric mobility and sustainable living.


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