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The collective expression of values upheld by members of the Army of the Tread, formulated by the members themselves. Please adhere to these guidelines to the best of your ability.


  • Remember the People: When communicating online, remember all you see is a computer screen. Consider whether you would say your words to someone’s face or how a friend would react.
  • Adhere to real-life behavior standards online: Maintain the same behavior online as you would in person.
  • Familiarize yourself with community rules before posting: These are found in the footer.
  • Regularly review Treadiquette: It is a living document that evolves as new challenges arise within the community.
  • Moderate based on quality, not opinion: Value well-written and interesting content even if you disagree with it.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling: Clear communication is essential for intelligent discourse. Be receptive to polite corrections.
  • Keep submission titles factual and neutral: Express strong opinions in the comments section.
  • Cite original sources: If content is referenced through multiple blogs, trace it back to the original creator who deserves the traffic.
  • Post to the most appropriate group: Consider cross-posting if the content is relevant to multiple groups.
  • Check for duplicates before posting: Avoid redundancy but feel free to repost unnoticed content with a better presentation.
  • Link directly to media files: Ensure the link adds value by providing additional information or context.
  • Use permanent URLs where possible: Opt for direct links to ensure the content remains accessible.
  • Offer constructive criticism: Do so tactfully to foster understanding.
  • Report spam and bad actors: Help maintain the quality of the community.
  • Read content before commenting: Make informed decisions rather than relying on titles.
  • Post your content within reason: Follow the 9:1 rule where only one in ten submissions should be self-promotional.
  • Explain any edits to posts: Clarity in editing helps avoid confusion in ongoing discussions.
  • Assume innocence until proven guilty: Avoid accusing without evidence, as it degrades the community experience.
  • Proofread submissions: Especially check titles, as they cannot be edited after posting.

Do not:

  • Engage in illegal activities or share personal information: Protect privacy and adhere to legal standards.
  • Repost deleted or removed information: Respect privacy and content standards.
  • Be rude or instigate conflicts: Maintain civility and contribute positively to discussions.
  • Encourage trolling or personal attacks: Focus on constructive and respectful dialogue.
  • Take biased moderation roles: Ensure impartiality and fairness in community interactions.

Promotional guidelines:

  • Avoid solicitation: Content should be based on quality, not promotional tactics.
  • Do not incentivize commenting or sharing: Engage the community based on the merit of your content.

Concerning new submissions:

  • Avoid sensational titles and editorializing: Keep submissions objective and fact-based.
  • Manage posting frequency: Respect the community’s viewing experience by not overwhelming the feed.
  • Be cautious with time-sensitive labels and content authenticity: Verify the truthfulness and relevance of your content.

Regarding comments:

  • Contribute meaningful comments: Avoid trivial remarks and focus on adding value to the discussion.

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